Technology and benefits

After 4 years of R&D,
Lokly offers more security and more features than existing encrypted USB flash drives.

The Lokly technology

A unique electronic architecture.



Secure by design

Loss or theft? Data is unreadable without the associated smartphone ensuring the ultimate protection! Encryption keys are randomly generated and secured in the smartphone's keystore. Existing solutions use a key derivation with a password, a fingerprint or a PIN code which makes them more vulnerable.


Distinct compartments

Avoid indiscretions. Lokly enables to give access to specific data thanks to storage compartmentalization. The user simply creates several distinct compartments using the smartphone app. Each compartment is activated/de-activated via the app, and is recognized by computers as a distinct USB flash drive. This avoids unvoluntarily exposing data you wish to keep confidential.


Protection against BadUSB

Protect yourself against Bad USB by plugging unknown flash drives into Lokly's female USB port which works as a filter for your computer. The USB port enables to connect a large panel of devices and is frequently used for hacking or stealing data. With its female USB port, Lokly has been designed as a filter between the computer and the peripheral device. It blocks all hardware attacks.


Easy-to-use and universal

Lokly is easily controlled via its smartphone application; it can be used on all sorts of computers, regardless of their operating system. The app is available for iOS and Android and it only takes a few seconds to configure Lokly, unlike existing encrypted USB flash drives that are often hard to set up.


Access control

Your data is protected when you're not here, if you forget or lose your Lokly. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, Lokly verifies continuously that your smartphone is nearby. As soon as you exit the detection zone, your smartphone alerts you and Lokly triggers an auto-lock. The app enables you to configure the auto-lock by choosing the time frame during which data will remain readable when you're not close by. Once they're unlocked, existing flash drives remain open whether you're there or not.



Connect a random USB key to your Lokly and manage file exchanges without a PC, via your smartphone. Lokly has an embedded battery that enables it to work autonomously for up to 20 minutes. It automatically charges itself everytime it's connected to a PC. The app shows the name, extension and size of each file.

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