Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to most of the questions you ask yourself about Lokly.

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Security: can someone access my files if I’m not there?

Lokly has been designed in order for your data to be available only when you’re around. To decrypt your files, Lokly needs to detect your smartphone, establish a secure communication with the Lokly app, and for you to activate at least one compartment.
If one of these requirements is not fulfilled, Lokly remains locked.

Security: I’ve just lost my Lokly. Is my data safe?

No need to worry. Your data is encrypted (AES 256 bits) and Lokly doesn’t contain the key to decrypt your files.

Sharing: I want to share my Lokly with a colleague. What do I do?

In order to do that, your colleague needs to connect to your Lokly.
First of all, he has to download the Lokly app, then connect to your Lokly using the Bluetooth PIN code that appears on the ID plastic card in your order box.
– Using your Lokly app, go to “Settings” than “export the key”. A QR Code is created.
– On his Lokly app, your colleague goes to “Settings”, than “import key”. He chooses “Camera” to scan your QR Code.
– Lokly recognizes the QRCode and your colleague can now use your Lokly with his smartphone.

Power supply: Lokly doesn’t turn on when I press the power button on the key

Recharge your Lokly by connecting it to a computer or using a USB wall charger.

Power supply: Lokly doesn’t turn on when I connect it to a wall charger or a computer.

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Connection: I can’t connect to my Lokly.

Check that your Lokly is turned on.
Check that the Bluetooth connection is activated on your phone and that your Lokly is detected.
Turn off your Lokly and switch it back on.

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